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Presented By: Dr. Baland Iqbal

Show Timing: Tuesday 08:00 PM EST

Password is aimed to address intellectually challenging ideas,issues & the conflicts ranging Psycho, Social, Political, Religious, Literary and Social ideologies. The spectrum of the topics are limitless but the discussion will be circumferential and behind the key word to find the solution of the conflicts. The duration of the program is 50 minutes & hosted by Dr.Baland Iqbal. Baland Iqbal is the doctor of Medicine by his profession, short story writer and the media journalist. Password has been enjoyed by the South Asian audience of the the Rawal TV Canada and well received due to its unique nature & out of the box discussions.


Episode No: 126

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 13th Feb 2019

Description: Future of Pakistan - Welfare or Warfare State? - Password Ep126

Episode No: 125

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 7th Feb 2019

Description: Mob Mentality in India & Pakistan - Password Ep125

Episode No: 123

Guest(s): Barrister Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 21st Jul 2018

Description: Password Ep123

Episode No: 122

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Jul 2018

Description: Password Ep122

Episode No: 121

Guest(s): Barrister Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 3rd Jun 2018

Description: Password Ep121

Episode No: 120

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 6th Mar 2018

Description: Postcolonial Culture of India & Pakistan - Password Ep120

Episode No: 119

Guest(s): Syed Sohail Mashadi

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 13th Feb 2018

Description: Future of Mahajirs and MQM? - Password Ep119

Episode No: 118

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 7th Feb 2018

Description: Rape of Pakistan - Password Ep118

Episode No: 117

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 30th Nov 2017

Description: Relation of Religion & Social Corruption - Direct or Inverse? - Password Ep117

Episode No: 116

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Monday, 20th Nov 2017

Description: Pakistan After 70 Years - Prof.Mubarak Ali - Password Ep116

Episode No: 115

Guest(s): Advocate Javed Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Friday, 17th Nov 2017

Description: Pakistan Global Image - Perception & Causes - Password Ep115

Episode No: 114

Guest(s): Syed Noorul Husnain

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 29th Oct 2017

Description: 'Chand Ham Sey Batey Kerta Hey' a novel by Noorul Husnain - Password Ep114

Episode No: 113

Guest(s): Zeshan Hashim

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 2nd Aug 2017

Description: Password Ep113

Episode No: 112

Guest(s): Dr. Khalid Sohail & Shahid Akhtar

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 25th Jul 2017

Description: The Seeker - Dr. Khalid Sohail & Shahid Akhtar - Password Ep112

Episode No: 111

Guest(s): Dr. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 15th Jun 2017

Description: Are we all turning into Mindless Internet Zombies? - Password Ep111

Episode No: 110

Guest(s): satyapul anand

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017

Description: Religion , philosophy & Literature. Password Ep110

Episode No: 109

Guest(s): Dr.Mubarak ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Apr 2017

Description: Politicization of National days & History of Pakistan. Password Ep109

Episode No: 108

Guest(s): Munir Sami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Mar 2017

Description: What's going on around us? Password Ep108

Episode No: 107

Guest(s): Saeed Ibrahim

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 8th Mar 2017

Description: Sex and Society - Dialogue is important! Password Ep107

Episode No: 106

Guest(s): Mirza Yasin Baig

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 1st Mar 2017

Description: Humours Expressions of the Bitter Realities - Desi Life in Canada & Parchey. Password Ep106

Episode No: 105

Guest(s): Dr.Mubarak ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 8th Feb 2017

Description: Clash of Secular civilization within Muslim society: Password Ep105

Episode No: 104

Guest(s): Dr.Khalid Sohail

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 12th Jan 2017

Description: Junaid Jamshed, Tableeghi Jama\'at, & Existential Crises (Part2). Password Ep104

Episode No: 103

Guest(s): Prof. Auj-e-Kamal

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 21st Dec 2016

Description: Future of Indo-Pak & America through stoning by clash of civilizations? Password Ep103

Episode No: 102

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016

Description: Junaid Jamshed, Tableeghi Jama\'at and Islamic Extremism - Password Ep102

Episode No: 101

Guest(s): Hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 30th Nov 2016

Description: Indian Muslims Vs Pakistani Hindus; Password Ep101

Episode No: 100


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Oct 2016

Description: Password Special Ep100

Episode No: 99

Guest(s): hamid Bashani

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 19th Oct 2016

Description: Fake Muslim Brotherhood & Freedom of Bangladesh - Password Ep99

Episode No: 98

Guest(s): Dr. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Oct 2016

Description: Isn\'t Ware itself a crime? Password Ep98

Episode No: 97


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th Sep 2016

Description: Future of Pakistan and Muhajir: Password Ep97

Episode No: 91


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 19th Apr 2016

Description: Rohzin, A Novel by Rahman Abbas. Password Ep91

Episode No: 90


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 12th Apr 2016

Description: Baluchistan Past , Present & Future. Password Ep90

Episode No: 89


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 5th Apr 2016

Description: Punjab - Past , Present , Future? Password Ep89

Episode No: 88


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 30th Mar 2016

Description: Love , Creativity & Spirituality. Password Ep88

Episode No: 87


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 22nd Mar 2016

Description: Sindh - Past , Present , Future ? Password Ep87

Episode No: 84


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2016

Description: Password Ep84

Episode No: 82


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Dec 2015

Description: Why the Muslim culture continue to clash. Password Ep82

Episode No: 80


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Nov 2015

Description: Has Pakistan trapped or have the Super Powers trapped Pakistan? Password Ep80

Episode No: 68


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 28th Apr 2015

Description: Are Religion and Nationalism False Subconsciousness? Password Ep68

Episode No: 66


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 24th Mar 2015

Description: Is Veil (Burqa/Hijab) a sign of Islamic fundamentalism? Password Ep66

Episode No: 65


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Mar 2015

Description: Saudi Arabia & Iran- The Real enemies of Islam. Password Ep65

Episode No: 64


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Feb 2015

Description: : The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State - Chasing a Mirage by Tarek Fatah. Password Ep64

Episode No: 62


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 13th Jan 2015

Description: The Down Fall of Pakistan and Rise of India. Password Ep62

Episode No: 61


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 24th Dec 2014

Description: Whither Pakistan? Password Ep61

Episode No: 60


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 2nd Dec 2014

Description: From Holy War to Global Peace. Password Ep60

Episode No: 58


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014

Description: Immigrants-Confusion of unknown Origin? Password Ep58

Episode No: 57


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014

Description: Linguistic Crises in the Global World - Password Ep57

Episode No: 56


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014

Description: Clash of Civilization Password Ep56

Episode No: 54

Guest(s): Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 27th Aug 2014

Description: Link between Nationalism,Religionism & the Brutality of humanity Password Ep54

Episode No: 51

Guest(s): Dr Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Jul 2014

Description: History of Revolution in the World & Pakistan Password Ep51

Episode No: 50


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 1st Jul 2014

Description: Politics Religion & Urdu Language Password Ep50

Episode No: 49


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 10th Jun 2014

Description: Are Religions unfair to women? Password Ep49

Episode No: 48

Guest(s): Arshad Mahmood

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Jun 2014

Description: Racism God Gifted or Human Created. Password Episode 48

Episode No: 47

Guest(s): Arshad Mahmood & Waqar Raees

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 20th May 2014

Description: Password Ep47

Episode No: 46

Guest(s): Dr khalid sohial

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 15th Apr 2014

Description: Theism, Atheism and Humanism - Password Ep46

Episode No: 45

Guest(s): Perveez Hoodbhai

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 8th Apr 2014

Description: Clash Between Faith and Intellect - Password Ep45

Episode No: 44

Guest(s): Prof Mehdi Hassan

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 25th Mar 2014

Description: Islam Religion of Peace or Violence - Password Ep44

Episode No: 43


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 18th Mar 2014

Description: Ultimate fate of Pakistan - Password Ep43

Episode No: 42


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 11th Mar 2014

Description: Pakistan.... Sunni State? - Password Ep42

Episode No: 41

Guest(s): Dr : Pervez Hoodbhoy

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Mar 2014

Description: Clash between Modern & Traditional Civilization - Password Ep41

Episode No: 40


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Feb 2014

Description: Link between Sexuality & Spirituality - Password Ep40

Episode No: 38


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 31st Dec 2013

Description: Pre - Islamic History of the World (Part 1) - Password Ep38

Episode No: 37


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 24th Dec 2013

Description: Religion Language and Culture as Political Weapons - Password Ep37

Episode No: 36


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2013

Description: Mosque and Military - Password Ep36

Episode No: 34


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 20th Nov 2013

Description: Gopi Chand Narang on \"Katha Char Jana\'mo Ki\" by Dr.Satyapal Anand - Password Ep34

Episode No: 33


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013

Description: Failure of Ideological States in the Betterment of Humanity - Password Ep33

Episode No: 32

Guest(s): Prof Mubarak Haider

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 28th Aug 2013

Description: The Narcissism of the Muslim Civilization - Password Ep32

Episode No: 31


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 7th Aug 2013

Description: Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed - Pakistan The Garrison State - Password Ep31

Episode No: 30

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 3rd Jul 2013

Description: Imperialism and Orientalism - Munir Pervaiz Saami - Password Ep30

Episode No: 29

Guest(s): Prof Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 29th Jun 2013

Description: Prof Mubarak Ali on Abuse of History in Pakistan - Password Ep29

Episode No: 28

Guest(s): Tarek Fatah

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 18th Jun 2013

Description: Is Islamism Anti Imperialism? Password Ep28 - Tarek Fatah

Episode No: 27

Guest(s): Prof. Mubarak Ali

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 25th May 2013

Description: Prof. Mubarak Ali on Sectarianism in Pakistan - History & Solution - Password Ep27

Episode No: 25


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 16th Apr 2013

Description: Password Ep25

Episode No: 24


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2013

Description: Password Ep24

Episode No: 23

Guest(s): Professor.Mubarak Ali - Historian & Scholar Barrister Hamid Bashani - Writer & Social Activist

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 9th Mar 2013

Description: Password Ep23 - Prof. Mubarak Ali & Hamid Bashani on Is Islam a Religion or a Political Ideology?

Episode No: 22

Guest(s): Munir Saami

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 2nd Mar 2013

Description: Password Ep22 - Munir Saami on Is Islam a Religion or a Political Ideology?

Episode No: 21

Guest(s): Shahid Aktar

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013

Description: Is Islam a religion or a political ideology?

Episode No: 10

Guest(s): - Tarek Fatah

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Dec 2012

Description: Password Ep10 - Tarek Fatah on the Future of Pakistan