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Presented By: Rubina Faisal

Show Timing: Wednesday 09:00 PM EST

Rawal TV presents Rubina Faisal ' s Talk Show "Dastak", meaning a ‘knock’, every Saturday. True to the meaning of the word ‘Dastak’, the show tries to probe its guest’s thoughts in order to reflect on the current affairs, both local and international, as well as other burning issues of the day such as exploring the state of affairs around the questions on the socio-economics, politics and religion.

In this show, Rubina provides a Dastak, (a knock) on people ' s minds, thoughts, ideologies and their value systems, attempts to analyze the issues to explore a better and deeper understanding of the questions at hand. Rubina attempts to relate the present to the past in order to create an appropriate perspective for the future, considering various points of view.

The purpose of the show Dastak, is not a mere discussion but an attempt is always made to identify and summarize the conclusions and solutions where applicable and when possible.


Adout the Host

Rubina Faisal is an illustrious, Canadian based Pakistani young writer. She has already been recognized for her candid, straightforward and unrestrained writing style as she uses her pen to investigate the subjects of widespread interests which belong to our daily lives. She has demonstrated her unique style with a great deal of enthusiasm in her columns, short stories, drama and poetry.

During the last eight years, Rubina has been writing her weekly columns regularly which are published not only in North America but also in Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan and India . She does not only write on political issues but on a wide range of subjects important to most of her readers. Typically, in her columns, Rubina starts with a discussion related to the current issues, provides various points of view, including her own and let’s her readers to make up their own mind to make the final judgment. This aspect of her column writing technique is a feature that provides fair latitude to her readers to conclude their own verdict. This attribute is a special asset to Rubina’s progressive writing style.

In 2011, Rubina launched her first book, Roti Khati Moortian, a selective collection of her published columns. Currently, she is working on her second book of her Short Stories.

Episode No: 30208


Broadcast Date: Monday, 21st Nov 2016

Description: Indo-Pak partition violence; Dastak Ep208 Part 4 of 4

Episode No: 20208


Broadcast Date: Monday, 21st Nov 2016

Description: Pakistn and terrorism; Dastak Ep208 Part 3 of 4

Episode No: 10208


Broadcast Date: Monday, 21st Nov 2016

Description: Two-Nation theory and Bangladesh Dastak Ep208 Part 2 of 4

Episode No: 245

Guest(s): Pervaiz Ahmad

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 29th Dec 2016

Description: Ep245

Episode No: 244

Guest(s): DanishWarrr

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 22nd Dec 2016

Description: Dastak Ep244

Episode No: 243

Guest(s): Ehtesham Arshed Nizami

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 15th Dec 2016

Description: Genocide by Bengalis.... The untold story of 1971. Dastak Ep243

Episode No: 242

Guest(s): Qmar Latif

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 8th Dec 2016

Description: Dastak Ep242

Episode No: 241

Guest(s): Faisal Mahmood

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 17th Nov 2016

Description: Leaders of Pak o Hind and their decisions. Dastak Ep241

Episode No: 240

Guest(s): Syeda Zaiyidain hameed

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 3rd Nov 2016

Description: Interview of moulana Hali\'s great grand daughter: Dastak Ep240

Episode No: 239

Guest(s): Shahid Chaudhary

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 27th Oct 2016

Description: Chalanges of Pakistani community in Canadian upcoming elections Dastak Ep239

Episode No: 238

Guest(s): Jatinder Singh

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 20th Oct 2016

Description: India , behind the mask of democracy: Dastak Ep238

Episode No: 237


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 6th Oct 2016

Description: Mohajirs in Pakistan: Some little known facts. Dastak Ep237

Episode No: 236


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 29th Sep 2016

Description: Woman\'s role in today\'s Pakistan; Dastak Ep236

Episode No: 235

Guest(s): Naat Khawan

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 22nd Sep 2016

Description: End of another era of Na\'at Khawani and Pakistan music; Dastak Ep235

Episode No: 234

Guest(s): Ahmad Rizwan

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 15th Sep 2016

Description: Fall Urdu Mushaira: Satayapal Anand Dastak Ep234 Part 4 of 4

Episode No: 233

Guest(s): Latif Nizamani & Imran Ali

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 10th Sep 2016

Description: Jinnah\'s legacy for today\'s Pakistan: Dastak Ep233

Episode No: 232

Guest(s): Aftab Iqbal

Broadcast Date: Friday, 2nd Sep 2016

Description: Aftab Iqbal and Khabardar in Toronto: Dastak Ep232

Episode No: 231

Guest(s): Zafar Bangash, Imran Ali

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 1st Sep 2016

Description: Why Modi\'s Govt is killing Kashmiris: Dastak Ep231

Episode No: 208


Broadcast Date: Monday, 21st Nov 2016

Description: Quaid e Azam as Ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity Dastak Ep208 Part 1 of 4

Episode No: 203


Broadcast Date: Friday, 29th Jan 2016

Description: Culture & Heritage in Pakistan Dastak Ep203

Episode No: 195


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 9th Dec 2015

Description: ISIS..reality or a myth. Dastak Ep195

Episode No: 194


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 25th Nov 2015

Description: Punjab India on the road of independence? Dastak Ep194

Episode No: 193


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 18th Nov 2015

Description: Islam and the Canadian muslim- answering myths and misconceptions. Dastak Ep193

Episode No: 192


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 11th Nov 2015

Description: Pakistani/Indian political parties and role of the leaders. Dastak Ep192

Episode No: 191


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 4th Nov 2015

Description: India,Pakistan & kashmir Triangle Dastak Ep191

Episode No: 177


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 24th Jun 2015

Description: Azim M. Mian on journalism, diplomacy and Pakistan. Dastak Ep177

Episode No: 176


Broadcast Date: Friday, 19th Jun 2015

Description: Dastak Ep176

Episode No: 175


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 10th Jun 2015

Description: Story of Pakistan- 1971 the murder of history regarding east Pakistan. Dastak Ep175

Episode No: 173


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 20th May 2015

Description: Science and technology in Pakistan\'s education system. Dastak Ep173

Episode No: 172


Broadcast Date: Friday, 15th May 2015

Description: Addition of sex education in new Canadian curriculum. Dastak Ep172

Episode No: 171


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 6th May 2015

Description: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Legacy - Dastak Ep171

Episode No: 169


Broadcast Date: Friday, 24th Apr 2015

Description: Modi\'s Canada Visit .... Protest and Praise Dastak Ep169

Episode No: 168


Broadcast Date: Monday, 6th Apr 2015

Description: Karachi operation and MQM.. victim or criminal. Dastak Ep168

Episode No: 167


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 1st Apr 2015

Description: Dastak Ep167167

Episode No: 166


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 25th Mar 2015

Description: Freedom of speech and blasphemy laws. Dastak Ep166

Episode No: 165


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 18th Mar 2015

Description: Story of Pakistan Part 6 (1947 to 1958). Dastak Ep165.

Episode No: 164


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 11th Mar 2015

Description: unpredictability of Pakistan cricket team. Dastak Ep164

Episode No: 163


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 4th Mar 2015

Description: Dastak Ep163

Episode No: 162


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 28th Feb 2015

Description: Dastak Ep162

Episode No: 161


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 18th Feb 2015

Description: Dastak Ep161

Episode No: 160


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 12th Feb 2015

Description: Critical reforms in Pakistan & Civil military relations. Dastak Ep160

Episode No: 159


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 4th Feb 2015

Description: Dastak Ep159

Episode No: 158


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 29th Jan 2015

Description: Freedom of Speech, Dastak Ep158

Episode No: 157


Broadcast Date: Friday, 26th Dec 2014

Description: Peshawar Attack Part 2. Dastak Ep157

Episode No: 156


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 25th Dec 2014

Description: Peshawar Attack Dastak Ep156

Episode No: 155


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 25th Dec 2014

Description: Story of Pakistan Dastak Ep155

Episode No: 154


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 23rd Dec 2014

Description: Story of Pakistan Dastak Ep154

Episode No: 153


Broadcast Date: Monday, 22nd Dec 2014

Description: Story of Pakistan Dastak Ep153

Episode No: 152


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 21st Dec 2014

Description: Story of Pakistan Dastak Ep152

Episode No: 151


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 20th Dec 2014

Description: Story of Pakistan Dastak Ep151

Episode No: 149


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 29th Nov 2014

Description: International Urdu conference India . Dastak Ep149

Episode No: 148


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 12th Nov 2014

Description: Canadian Tax changes 2014-2015 Dastak Ep148

Episode No: 147


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014

Description: Issues in Pakistani Canadian immigrants Dastak Ep147

Episode No: 146

Guest(s): Imran Ali

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014

Description: Issues in Pakistani Canadian immigration refugees Dastak Ep146

Episode No: 145


Broadcast Date: Friday, 17th Oct 2014

Description: kashmir soldarity day Dastak Ep145

Episode No: 144


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 9th Oct 2014

Description: Flood\'s it\'s causes and preventions in Pakistan Dastak Ep144

Episode No: 143

Guest(s): Dr Zulfikar A Bhutta

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 10th Sep 2014

Description: Dastak Ep143

Episode No: 142


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 4th Sep 2014

Description: Imran VS Nawaz Dastak Ep142

Episode No: 141


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 27th Aug 2014

Description: Imran khan and Leadership Dastak Ep141

Episode No: 139


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 7th Aug 2014

Description: Pakistan Independence Day & Two-Nation Theory - Dastak Ep139

Episode No: 138


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 3rd Aug 2014

Description: Is Israel a terrorist state Dastak Ep138

Episode No: 137


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 16th Jul 2014

Description: Farzana Parveen\'s killing must trigger change for women in Pakistan. Dastak Ep137

Episode No: 136


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 12th Jul 2014

Description: FIFA World Cup, Cricket & Issues in Pakistan Sports - Dastak Ep136

Episode No: 135

Guest(s): Asif Minhas/ Dr Ijaz And Hadi Ali Ch

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 3rd Jul 2014

Description: In Memory of a Martyr - Dr. Mehdi Ali Chaudhary .Dastak Ep135

Episode No: 134

Guest(s): Qazi Naeem S Malik & Tasleem Riaz

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 18th Jun 2014

Description: Women Islam and pakistan Dastak Ep134

Episode No: 133


Broadcast Date: Monday, 30th Jun 2014

Description: Dastak Ep133

Episode No: 132

Guest(s): Lord Qurban.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 4th Jun 2014

Description: Kashmir Pakistan and India. Dastak Ep132 With Lord Qurban.

Episode No: 130


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 21st May 2014

Description: Waseem Afzal Chan Dastak Ep130

Episode No: 128


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Description: Abrar ul Haq - Dastak Ep128

Episode No: 127


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 7th May 2014

Description: Understanding of Iqbal - Dastak Ep127

Episode No: 126

Guest(s): Amjad Islam Amjad & Qasim Pirzada / Mahmood Sham

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 30th Apr 2014

Description: Interview amjad islam amjad - Dastak Ep126

Episode No: 125


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 23rd Apr 2014

Description: Role of ISI in Pakistan - Dastak Ep125

Episode No: 124

Guest(s): Col. (Rtd) Nazar Hussain

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 16th Apr 2014

Description: Civil and Military Conflict in Pakistan - Dastak Ep124

Episode No: 123


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 9th Apr 2014

Description: Zulfiqar ali Bhutto Hero or Villain of Pakistan - Dastak Ep123

Episode No: 122


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 2nd Apr 2014

Description: Cricket now is it a Game, Craze, Romance, or Industry - Dastak Ep122

Episode No: 121


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Mar 2014

Description: Pakistan Resolution Day - Dastak Ep121

Episode No: 120


Broadcast Date: Friday, 28th Mar 2014

Description: Cricket in Pakistan - Dastak Ep120

Episode No: 119


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 12th Mar 2014

Description: Ukraine Geopolitics of a Revolution - Dastak Ep119

Episode No: 118


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Mar 2014

Description: Immigration Canada - Dastak Ep118

Episode No: 117


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 26th Feb 2014

Description: Big 3 and Future of Indo Pak Cricket - Dastak Ep117

Episode No: 116


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 19th Feb 2014

Description: Urdu Poetry - Dastak Ep116

Episode No: 115


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 12th Feb 2014

Description: Fraud Prevention - Dastak Ep115

Episode No: 114


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 5th Feb 2014

Description: Fraud Prevention - Dastak Ep114

Episode No: 113


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Jan 2014

Description: An Innovative Solution to Fix Pakistan\'s Political Problems - Dastak Ep113

Episode No: 112

Guest(s): Sukhminder Singh Hansra & DS Gill

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 19th Jan 2014

Description: Britain Involvement in Blue Star Operation on Golden Temple 1984 - Dastak Ep112

Episode No: 110


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 1st Jan 2014

Description: Global Peace & Literature by Nuzhat Siddiqui - Dastak Ep110

Episode No: 109


Broadcast Date: Friday, 27th Dec 2013

Description: Consul General of Pakistan - Toronto - Dastak Ep109

Episode No: 107


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 14th Dec 2013

Description: Nelson Mandela : A Tribute, Contribution & Legacy by Tahir Qazi & Nuzhat Siddiqui - Dastak Ep107

Episode No: 106


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 8th Dec 2013

Description: Pakistan Youth Revolution - Dastak Ep106

Episode No: 105

Guest(s): Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 23rd Nov 2013

Description: Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri on Jihad, Shaheed, Taliban and Pakistan State - Dastak Ep105

Episode No: 104

Guest(s): Adnan Hashmi

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 16th Nov 2013

Description: Pakistan Today with politicians Dastak Ep104

Episode No: 103


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 9th Nov 2013

Description: Ayesha Jalal on Manto and the Pity of Partition - Dastak Ep103

Episode No: 101

Guest(s): Hadi Ali Chaudhry

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 26th Oct 2013

Description: Pig Skin leather: Halal or Haram ? Dastak Ep101

Episode No: 99


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 12th Oct 2013

Description: Dastak Ep99

Episode No: 98


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 5th Oct 2013

Description: Pakistani Film Industry Revival - Dastak Ep98

Episode No: 97


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 28th Sep 2013

Description: Advantages and Disadvantages of Islamic Banking - Dastak Ep97

Episode No: 96


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 21st Sep 2013

Description: Dastak Ep96 - South Asian Community\'s Frauds

Episode No: 95


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 14th Sep 2013

Description: Dastak Ep95 - Pakistan Canada Trade & Montreal Consulate Issue

Episode No: 94


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 8th Sep 2013

Description: Bihari Camp Bangladesh - Dastak Ep94

Episode No: 93

Guest(s): Mumtaz Akhtar Kahloon

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 1st Sep 2013

Description: Dastak Ep93 - Pakistani Politician and Businessman - Mumtaz Akhtar Kahloon

Episode No: 92

Guest(s): PTI MNA Munaza Hassan

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 25th Aug 2013

Description: Dastak Ep92 - PTI Policies and Politics, PTI MNA Munaza Hassan

Episode No: 91


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 17th Aug 2013

Description: Dastak Ep91 - Soan Dam Better Alternative of Kalabagh Dam

Episode No: 89


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 3rd Aug 2013

Description: Dastak Ep89 - Dr. Tahir Qazi

Episode No: 87

Guest(s): Usman Peerzada

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 21st Jul 2013

Description: Usman Peerzada on Promoting the Pakistani Culture Internationally - Dastak Ep87

Episode No: 86

Guest(s): Kamran Bokhari

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 13th Jul 2013

Description: Dastak Ep86 - Political Islam Inthe Age of Democratization - Farid Senzai - Kamran Bokhari

Episode No: 85

Guest(s): Nuzhat Siddiqui

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 6th Jul 2013

Description: Human Rights in Pakistan - Dastak Ep85 - Nuzhat Siddiqui

Episode No: 84

Guest(s): Samir Dossal (President-CPBC

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 29th Jun 2013

Description: Dastak Ep84 - Samir Dossal (President-CPBC at Canada Pakistan Business Council)

Episode No: 83


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 16th Jun 2013

Description: Dastak Ep83 with Javed Chaudry (Electricity Generation in Pakistan)

Episode No: 80


Broadcast Date: Monday, 6th May 2013

Description: Pakistan Elections 2013 - Voice of Pakistani\'s - Who will Save Pakistan? Dastak Ep80

Episode No: 79

Guest(s): Asif Azeez

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 1st May 2013

Description: Asif Azeez - PTI - MPA Candidate PS 94 Karachi - Dastak Ep79

Episode No: 77

Guest(s): Saeed Aasi & Khalid Usman

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 28th Apr 2013

Description: Pakistan Elections 2013 - Dastak Ep77

Episode No: 76

Guest(s): Imran Ali - Council Political Affairs - Consulate of Pakistan in Toronto Shabir Chaudhry - Member PTI Canada Iqbal Qamar - President MQM Canada Shahzad Gondal - President PMLN Canada Shahzada Benazir - Information Secretary PPP Canada

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 17th Apr 2013

Description: Pakistan Elections 2013 Special with PPP, PMLN, MQM & PTI - Dastak Ep76

Episode No: 75

Guest(s): Javed Chaudry & Mian Abubakar

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 20th Apr 2013

Description: Dastak Ep75 - Javed Chaudry & Mian Abubakar

Episode No: 74

Guest(s): Dr Tahir

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 7th Apr 2013

Description: Dastak Ep74 Elections Pakistan 11th May

Episode No: 73

Guest(s): Safdar Hamdani and Ayyaz Mallick

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 30th Mar 2013

Description: Abbas Town Massacre & Analysis of Karachi Situation - Dastak Ep73

Episode No: 72

Guest(s): Mohammad Nafees Zakria - Consul General Pakistan in Toronto

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 17th Mar 2013

Description: Dastak Ep72 - Consul General Pakistan on Pakistan\'s National & International Issues

Episode No: 71

Guest(s): Samra Zafar & Aneela Batool

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 9th Mar 2013

Description: Dastak Ep71 - International Women\'s Day

Episode No: 70

Guest(s): mran Ali & Dr. Tahir Qazi

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 2nd Mar 2013

Description: Dastak Ep70 - Pakistan & Global Revolutions

Episode No: 69

Guest(s): Imran Ali & Omar Latif

Broadcast Date: Saturday, 23rd Feb 2013

Description: Dastak Ep69 - Karachi Factory Fire and Worker\'s Rights

Episode No: 67

Guest(s): Faisal Mahmood, Certified Public Accountant

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 24th Feb 2013


Episode No: 60

Guest(s): Saleemudin in Pakistan

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 9th Dec 2012

Description: Dastak Episode 60 - Rise of Extremism & Vandalization of Ahmadi Cemetery in Pakistan

Episode No: 26

Guest(s): Dabbir Tirmizi

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 4th Mar 2012

Description: Can PTI Bring Change in the Rootes of Pakistan? - Dabbir Tirmizi

Episode No: 25

Guest(s): Amjad Islam Amjad

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 26th Feb 2012


Episode No: 20


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 29th Apr 2015

Description: Dastak Ep170

Episode No: 1


Broadcast Date: Monday, 25th Jan 2016

Description: Pakistani Rawal TV Spread Hate on India & Hindus