Show: Chehray with Dr. Pervez Perwazi

Chehray with Dr. Pervez Perwazi


Presented By: Dr. Pervez Perwazi

Show Timing: Thursday 07:00 PM EST

A literary show which comes on every second Thursday.

Episode No: 43

Guest(s): Nasreen Syed

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 28th Dec 2016

Description: Chehray Ep43

Episode No: 42


Broadcast Date: Friday, 24th Oct 2014

Description: Charhray Ep 42

Episode No: 41


Broadcast Date: Monday, 1st Sep 2014

Description: Iqbal Hadar Chehray Ep41

Episode No: 40


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 6th Mar 2014

Description: Dr Hilal Naqvi - Chehray Ep40

Episode No: 39


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 19th Dec 2013

Description: Ambassador Karamatullah Ghori - Chehray Ep39

Episode No: 38


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 17th Oct 2013

Description: Chehray Ep38

Episode No: 37

Guest(s): Mahmood Ahmed

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 1st Aug 2013

Description: Mahmood Ahmed talks about General Akhtar Hussain Malik - Chehray Ep37

Episode No: 36

Guest(s): Prof.Dr Abdul Kalam Qasmi

Broadcast Date: Thursday, 4th Jul 2013

Description: Prof.Dr Abdul Kalam Qasmi ,Aligarh Muslim University , Head of the Urdu Dept.Chehray Ep36