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Presented By: Awais Sohrab

Show Timing: Thursday 08:00 PM EST

Episode No: 86


Broadcast Date: Monday, 16th Feb 2015

Description: Is Cricket the only game where Pakistan has lost to India? 5th Dimension Ep86

Episode No: 67


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 26th Apr 2015

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep67

Episode No: 65


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 21st Mar 2015

Description: Pakistani Batsmen need a strict lesson. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep65

Episode No: 64


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 15th Mar 2015

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep64

Episode No: 63


Broadcast Date: Friday, 13th Mar 2015

Description: Pakistan\'s pace too hot for RSA. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep63

Episode No: 61


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 8th Mar 2015

Description: World cup discussion. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep61

Episode No: 60


Broadcast Date: Friday, 6th Mar 2015

Description: World cup discussion. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep60

Episode No: 59


Broadcast Date: Friday, 20th Feb 2015

Description: Pakistan once again on losing side. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep59

Episode No: 58


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 7th Feb 2015

Description: Boys in green chapter of North America. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep58

Episode No: 57


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 1st Feb 2015

Description: Mohammad Amir has every right for come back. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep57

Episode No: 56


Broadcast Date: Friday, 23rd Jan 2015

Description: Pakistan\'s unpredictability can win them World Cup. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep56

Episode No: 55


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 17th Jan 2015

Description: Cricket world Cup Buzz, 2015. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep55

Episode No: 54


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 10th Jan 2015

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep54

Episode No: 53


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 4th Jan 2015

Description: APS Peshawar & Pakistan Cricket. Cricket Plus Ep53

Episode No: 51


Broadcast Date: Friday, 12th Dec 2014

Description: PAK Vs NWZ 1st ODI Highlights/Review. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep51

Episode No: 48


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 15th Nov 2014

Description: PAK/NWZ First Test Summary RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep48

Episode No: 47


Broadcast Date: Friday, 7th Nov 2014

Description: Summary of PAK/AUS Test RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep47

Episode No: 46


Broadcast Date: Friday, 31st Oct 2014

Description: Younus Khan, A statistical tribute. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep46

Episode No: 45


Broadcast Date: Friday, 24th Oct 2014

Description: Canada Cricket in relations to PAK/IND RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep45

Episode No: 44


Broadcast Date: Friday, 17th Oct 2014

Description: Resemblance between 92 And 2015 Cricket World Cup RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep44

Episode No: 43


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 11th Oct 2014

Description: Canadian View over World Cricket RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep43

Episode No: 41


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 28th Sep 2014

Description: Dropping Younis Khan is not justified RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep41

Episode No: 40


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 13th Sep 2014

Description: BCCI\'s power keeping Indian cricket strong compared to PCB. RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep40

Episode No: 39


Broadcast Date: Friday, 5th Sep 2014

Description: Ahmad Shahzad showed stupidity by discussing Religion RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep39

Episode No: 38


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 30th Aug 2014

Description: Making Afridi as Captionis more a lobby and will damage Pak cricket RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep38

Episode No: 37


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 23rd Aug 2014

Description: PCB could have avoided attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep37

Episode No: 36


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 14th Aug 2014

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep36

Episode No: 34


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 19th Jul 2014

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep34

Episode No: 33


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 6th Jul 2014

Description: Discussion Over ROW VS MCC & Sharapova/Sachin RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep33

Episode No: 32


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 22nd Jun 2014

Description: Canadian & International Women Cricketers on canceling ICC Americas RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep32

Episode No: 31

Guest(s): Ashar Zaidi.

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 11th Jun 2014

Description: Hockey World Cup & Downfall of Pakistan Hockey - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep31

Episode No: 30


Broadcast Date: Monday, 2nd Jun 2014

Description: IPL Cricket Plus Ep30 RawalTV

Episode No: 29

Guest(s): Ashar Zaidi.

Broadcast Date: Monday, 26th May 2014

Description: Pakistan Cricket Board or Pakistan Drama Board with Ashar Zaidi - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep29

Episode No: 28

Guest(s): Ashar Zaidi.

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 11th May 2014

Description: Senior sports journalist Ashar Zaidi. @ RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep28

Episode No: 27


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 10th May 2014

Description: She\'s Got Game - Women\'s Cricket Tournament - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep27

Episode No: 26


Broadcast Date: Friday, 2nd May 2014

Description: Discussion on IPL 7 & ICC Rankings - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep26

Episode No: 25


Broadcast Date: Friday, 25th Apr 2014

Description: Chris Lynn\'s Outstanding Catch and Discussion on IPL7 - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep25

Episode No: 24

Guest(s): Dr. Tariq Raz

Broadcast Date: Friday, 18th Apr 2014

Description: Why is Pakistan out of IPL 2014? - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep24

Episode No: 23


Broadcast Date: Friday, 11th Apr 2014

Description: Sri Lanka Deserving Champions & Yuvraj\'s Home Under Attack - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep23

Episode No: 22


Broadcast Date: Friday, 4th Apr 2014

Description: India vs Sri Lanka T20 Final 2014 - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep22

Episode No: 21


Broadcast Date: Friday, 4th Apr 2014

Description: Discussion on WI vs Sri and Ind vs SA Semi Finals - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep21

Episode No: 20


Broadcast Date: Monday, 31st Mar 2014

Description: Discussion of World T20 Semi finals and Predictions - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep20

Episode No: 19


Broadcast Date: Friday, 21st Mar 2014

Description: Can Pakistan Still Reach Semis After Losing to India - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep19

Episode No: 18


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 16th Mar 2014

Description: T20 WC 2014 Who are Hot Favorites? Rawal Tv Cricket Plus Ep18

Episode No: 17


Broadcast Date: Friday, 7th Mar 2014

Description: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka - Asia Cup Final - Who Will Win? - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep17

Episode No: 16


Broadcast Date: Friday, 28th Feb 2014

Description: Mother of all Matches. India vs Pak on March 2nd 2014 - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep16

Episode No: 15


Broadcast Date: Friday, 21st Feb 2014

Description: Prediction about Asia Cup & SA vs AUS Test + Under 19 World Cup Winners - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep15

Episode No: 14


Broadcast Date: Friday, 14th Feb 2014

Description: U 19 WC Cricket, Ind vs NZ and Aus vs SA - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep14

Episode No: 13


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 8th Feb 2014

Description: Big 3 Proposal, In vs Nz, Bang vs Sri - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep13

Episode No: 12


Broadcast Date: Sunday, 2nd Feb 2014

Description: Danger to Pakistan Cricket From BIG 3 Proposal - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep12

Episode No: 11


Broadcast Date: Saturday, 25th Jan 2014

Description: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka, India vs. New Zeland, & Draft Proposal Issues - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep11

Episode No: 10


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 9th Jan 2014

Description: Review of Nwz, Aus, Wi, Sri, of 2013 - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep10

Episode No: 9


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 2nd Jan 2014

Description: Stats of Pak, Eng, Ind and SA of 2013 - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep9

Episode No: 8


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 19th Dec 2013

Description: 2014 WC Qualifiers Ind vs SA Ashes Pak vs SL - Rawal TV Cricket Plus Ep8

Episode No: 6


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 28th Nov 2013

Description: T20 Qualifiers. Ashes Series. Ind vs WI. Pak vs SA - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep6

Episode No: 5


Broadcast Date: Thursday, 21st Nov 2013

Description: RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep5

Episode No: 3


Broadcast Date: Wednesday, 6th Nov 2013

Description: Pak vs SA, Nwz vs Bang & Ind vs Aus - Sachin Tendulkar Retirement - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep3

Episode No: 2

Guest(s): Mukesh Narula

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, 29th Oct 2013

Description: Pakistan & South Africa Test + India & Australia ODI Series - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep2

Episode No: 1

Guest(s): Mukesh Narula

Broadcast Date: Sunday, 20th Oct 2013

Description: Recap on Pakistan & South Africa Test + India & Australia ODI Series - RawalTV Cricket Plus Ep1