Young Canadians seek refuge in parents' homes as COVID-19 disrupts jobs, lives and dreams

Posted In: News Date:May 31st, 2020

Megan Stone, 57, always dreaded being an empty nester, but found that once her adult children moved out, she came to enjoy the time alone with her husband. She never imagined a global pandemic would disrupt her newfound peace and quiet.

Stone and her husband live in Victoria with their 24-year-old son, who moved back for work after completing university. When the situation with COVID-19 began to deteriorate, they decided it would be best for their daughter, who was wrapping up an undergraduate degree in Quebec, to also return home.

Her roommate, who is from Queens in New York City and dreaded going home to what was fast becoming the epicentre of the pandemic in the U.S., ended up flying to Victoria to live with them, too.

The family now has five adults dancing around each other in one home — an arrangement no one would have dreamt of just a few months ago.

"We definitely miss the privacy. We do scatter when we can, and everyone's going out for lots of walks," said Stone.

"As of yesterday my thoughts were, 'Time for another family meeting.'"