Why Calgary passed on the 2026 Olympics — and what's next for the Games nobody seems to want

Posted In: News Date:Nov 14th, 2018

Calgary voters have sent politicians a clear message: They want no part of the city's beleaguered bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The vote is not binding, but should leave those on Calgary city council no doubt. Leading up to this plebiscite, bid organizers had hoped for a Yes vote somewhere in the mid-50s, closer to 60 per cent support if things went well.

They didn't come close. The results were decisive: 132,832 for Calgary hosting (43.6 per cent) and 171,750 against (56.4 per cent). The official result will be made available at 3 p.m. MT on Friday, with results by riding posted Thursday at noon.

After asking voters for guidance, Calgary's council will likely formally halt the city's bidding process at a meeting on Monday.