PayPal a game changer for online business in Pakistan

Posted In: News Date:Jul 15th, 2019

KARACHI: This year we all have heard a company’s name multiple times. This name is PayPal.

The reason for this company being in the news limelight was its denial to initiate its services in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has tried its level best to convince the US-based company to start its operations in the country but to no avail.

Imagine the impact and scope of this company, which can refuse to get into the market as prospective as Pakistan’s, which accounts for one of the fastest growing populations across the globe. Pakistan houses around 200,000 freelancers and over 7,000 registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which can utilise the services of PayPal.

With the advent of ICT, the freelancing industry of Pakistan has been flourishing by leaps and bounds. This is evident from the report of the Global Freelancing Industry where Pakistan acquired fourth position. This clearly shows the strength of freelancing industry in the country. 3G and 4G services have had a great impact on business activities in Pakistan.