I'm not Sachin Tendulkar, says Irrfan Khan as he dismisses Bollywood's numbers game

Posted In: News Date:Nov 12th, 2017

While the Khans vie against each other to rack up the highest-grossing films, Irrfan Khan says that the numbers of his films don't interest him.

In a recent statement to the Indian press, he said, "I do not want to get into that zone. I am not Sachin Tendulkar to score 100 in most of the matches. I, as an actor, have done my work sincerely and I think as an actor, I shouldn't get into the business part."

Even though his last film Hindi Medium, which also starred Pakistani actor Saba Qamar, made over a 100 crore, Irfan insists that the "number game does not suit [him]":

"By saying this, I am not pitching anything to anybody. Every individual should follow what suits them. Number game does not suit me."